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Phagun (February - March)
As the brands gained market share in the state of UP, the promoters started putting efforts to widen the distribution and the market reach of the brands. Soon the distribution channel covered Uttaranchal, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, and even the far-flung north eastern state of Assam. The incense stick brands from Kanpur, in almost 10 years time, were available on more than 60% of the Indian geography reaching approximately 70% of the population. The promoters humbly thank their distributors for this achievement and openly say that the feet could not have been possible without the quintessential support of the distribution channel.
The business ethics of the promoters helped to build strong ties with the distributors. As the promoters say it - “Distributors are our family members and not just business associates” and they are proud to declare that this ‘family feeling’ is mutual. This strong bond built on mutual faith is the key to fair and long lasting business relationships. They stay committed to continue with this ideology.