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The term Agarbatti originates from the "Agar" or Aloes wood, the original incense which became synonymous with the word and "bathi" meaning stick. Agarbatti/Incense Stick is an item manufactured from aromatic biotic materials consisting of powdered wood, charcoal, barks, seeds, leaves, roots, rhizomes, flowers etc. with some essential oil, mineral oil, resins , gums and aromatic chemicals, the paste of which applied on to a bamboo core stick or dipping an unscented "blank" (non-perfume stick) into a mixture of perfumes and/or essential oils. Throughout the history, a wide variety of materials have been used in making incense.


The term dhoop originates from the dhoop tree, found in eastern India—whose chips give out a rich fragrance when burnt. Dhoop or Dhoopbatti or Dhoopbathi differs from Agarbathi/Incense stick in many senses. Physically, the two are completely different. Sticks are not used in dhoop and dhoop is a paste of the combustible material only. This paste is slightly damp unlike the incense sticks, which are completely dry. The chemical composition of dhoopbatti is also different. But the popular dhoop—black-colored putty—is essentially a mixture of ghee, herbs and wood chips. It is, in effect, a miniature form of havan.

Joss Sticks:

Joss Sticks means sticks used to bring Joss i.e. Good luck.
Dhoopa upachara or dhoopa aradhana has transformed over the ages, for convenience & practical reasons, into the present day agarbathis. Agarbattis, also known as joss sticks, incense sticks or prayer sticks, are today used in all temple and domestic offerings by millions in the world. The emanating fumes, with their unique aromatic properties, purify the environment and have a vitalizing and invigorating effect on individuals, besides acting as a natural disinfectant.